Letting go!….and let it happen….!!

why not…Welcome your nightmare!

This is an article which has taken some time for me to write. It’s about letting go!

In fact, it’s not one article it is going to be one article in three parts…maybe more? I’m going to write them over the course of a number of weeks (life permitting) and I would really love for you to feedback and reflect on your experience, here on my blog site, by return. I don’t mind if you do it anonymously, or whether you wish to print your name. Why in three parts or more?... Because it will give us all time to have reflect and then we come back to share and see where the subject leads us.

The overall topic will be about letting ‘it’, that being (things, feelings, experiences) go; and thus letting it (being, the second sense of the term) happen. Thus, meaning, seeing where ‘matters’ be they emotions, places or experiences) takes you. By this, I mean where that ‘letting go’ experience leads you (us).

I could give you many examples from several experiences that have resulted in some of the best spiritually evolving experiences, I have had happen. But, one theme that would seem to underlie every outcome is that, one can only see the results from start to outcome, retrospectively.

Yes, this may seem obvious, but the ‘letting go part’ is the hardest part and the ‘faith’ part (in whatever we chose to term the origins of our experiences), comes with that.

Okay, I’ll chose a more familiar topic no doubt with most of us and that’s– the workplace.

The job
Working for 10 years at a higher education establishment. Boy, was that an experience and did I come across a wide variety of “out there” characters! Right across the spectrum.

The experience
Desperately trying to STOP something that was happening to me for the first time, redundancy. By separately talking myself into applying for ANY job in the institution. Just so as to hold down a job and avoid unemployment regardless of my growing disability and deteriorating health, which was the cause of this being made redundant business.

The emotion
Multiple losses, fear, anxiety and sadness, betrayal, vulnerable. no purpose!

The test
Let go, let God (the universe), go with the flow - have faith, just relax.

The outcome
Being in the best possible position to experience the some of the greatest and significant losses to come.

The revelation

Sometimes....the best thing that can happen to you can come in the form of your worst nightmare!

I wait to hear your take on the above...see you soon.

Dogs – only one complaint to God about them…!

Yes !… I agree some angels decided to wear fur instead of wings.

You know, the more I miss my ‘fur nephew’ Louis XIV is the more I have a complaint to God.  Now, I don’t follow any particular religion.  I’m simply a moral and spiritual being. Moreover, I have no complaints with any of God’s creations, a moan maybe, but no complaints.

…except for one.

Please Lord, let our dogs live a bit longer.  The lifespan of our doggies are not long enough!!!




Great Article read this ….We’re so close with dogs, even our poop looks similar – Popular Science

A new study finds that human and dog microbiomes have more in common than you might expect.

By Kat Eschner

Evidence of our relationship with dogs goes deep—far into the gut, in fact. A new study published today in the journal Microbiome suggests that our microbiomes and those of dogs have striking similarities, which may have repercussions for both canine and human weight loss. Read the link… https://www.popsci.com/dog-poop-microbiome

Dog Fouling – its a People thing!

Its a People thing!!!!!…..

Dog fouling – makes me foul mouthed!

I increasingly want to walk less and less in the day or the evenings.  It had and still has got to the point when it didn’t even matter as to whether my ‘fur nephew’, Louis XIV (who has now sadly left us for Doggie Heaven),  wanted to walk or not.

Constantly, walking as if I was ‘Mr Peg the leg’ straddling every other paving stone from trails of ‘dog crap’ to then constantly interrupting my flow and stride with bouts or nausea and cursing, seeing where other people had trodden in dog 💩 poo.

It has also reached a point where I could tell if it was the same owner -offender, by judging the remnants of their dogs’ ‘bad diet’ ! Well!… what did I expect from such a selfish irresponsible person. Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? obviously a very careless, selfish and self-centered irresponsible dog owner  will feed their pet dog food that often looks, and probably is, nutritionally better on its way out! Right?

Not really sure, if I’m feeling nauseous because I am sick of this whole subject and endlessly writing (without any success) complaining to local councils; from one particular council constantly denying that there is a problem in their borough regardless of my sending photographic evidence. Or whether my nausea is simply down to thinking about the whole ordeal of endeavoring to take a pleasant walk to get fresh air and exercise without ‘sewer hopping’… (what a joke – “fresh air”!?)

Having had an interesting conversation with one of many council members, he quite rightly nailed it.  He said, “… well, it isn’t a ‘dog thing’ it’s a ‘people thing’!…”  the Councilor was right!… It’s not Mutley who refusing to clean up after himself. I I have during the course of my complaining, reminded the councils that if they want to earn more revenue to re-build their Government cuts; instead of increasing our council tax, employ or increase jobs or their Traffic / Public Warden staff to include fining these offenders! and that would include a 24 hour watch! Fine those dog owners both night and day. ‘Night-crawlers‘, as I term them, are the worst offenders).  Increase these fines so that they will be less inclined to leave their mess. It edge a bet that should the council give these offenders such hefty fines then they would  be surprised how much revenue these councils will earn.
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He was my Friend – Grieving for my dog.

He was my Friend – Grieving for my dog.

He was my pet, he was my sisters dog, he was my nephew, he was my family member, he was my friend.


There are so many good and loving memories of Louis my heart is bursting with them but at the same time broke my heart when they flooded through me in those moments when he took his last breath in the veterinary hospital on 29th January 2018.

The pain and the emptiness from the sudden and despair and loss numbed  and stunned my body with disbelief, that someone I loved so much left my world.  How we take for granted life, when life is so delicate with these angels we are gifted and come with so much love and trust from the heavens.

Louis taught me so much about myself. Louis taught me so much about myself in such a gentle kind and loving way, the way that mimics angels from heaven. That is what these pets are to us…they are sent here with invisible wings.

I had so many names for my friend. Louis, Mutt for (for when we used to laugh together) – we all know that dogs have such good humour. Chutley, Oodle, Loudle, Boodle-do!…..so many warm fun loving names for him.

Louis taught me patience, Louis taught me love, Louis taught me how to be loved, Louis taught the hardest type of love that we humans must learn – unconditional love! Only LouisXIV could do that. I had absolutely no reservations telling Louis on a daily basis that I love him – and I still do! Nothing and no one on this earth could have made me do that in all my years of living.  No one, except for Louis.

I miss you LouisXIV and there are no words to express the love and the loss I feel for you my dear friend.

I Love you Oodle.  Forever Loving you….

your Auntie jean jean xxxx  

Birthday Pup-Cakes (nice for *diabetic dogs)

Okay, try this recipe for the cup-cakes for the pup’s date!

Its a yummy birthday self baking quick treat for the diabetic doggie too!

4 tablespoons of flour plain

¼ teaspoon  fine ground cinnamon (good for diabetes)

Pinch bicarbonate of soda

⅛ teaspoon of baking powder

Give it a good stir to blend the powder mixture

Then add:-

4 tablespoons of  melted virgin coconut oil (or butter)

4 tablepoons of  skimmed milk

2 tablespoons of honey

1 small or medium carrot fine grated

Now mix it well.


Then place in a  mug or if using a conventional oven on greaseproof paper or cup cake holders and

Microwave on 850w (full power) in a small glass bowl or large mug for 2-3 mins


if in a conventional oven for 18 mins Electric 180°C / Gas 4 / 375°F

Now decorate with doggie treats to taste.

Please let it cool down before you give it to Mutley.  My Oodles loves this!


*Now for those dogs with diabetes please check that the ingredients are agreeable to your doggies and my strong advice would be to administer the birthday treat at the time of your dog’s feed; That being when you inject your daily dose of insulin.


Happy caking!













Akitas….I do love these dogs! But….

Name: Kuma   Breed: Japanse Akita   Sex: Male   Age: (unknown) Estimation – 2yrs at Adoption

Environmental Origin: South London Rescue Home   Historical issues: Two previous owners – homed twice.  Health: Good, has sections of ear and tongue missing – possibly caused by physical abuse.

NB: Case study names and places have been changed for ethical and confidentiality reasons.

Cyril was a 47 year old man. Who decided to adopted Kuma after doing some research on Japanese Akitas.  Cyril was a single male, a full-time worker, lived alone and was looking for a dog to share his home with.   Cyril lived alone in a reasonably sized three bedroom house with a very large back garden. Cyril worked long hours during the day away from home but would come home every lunchtime and spend an hour or so with Kuma and finally every evening was spent solely with Cyril. Three weeks into the adoption, Cyril came home one evening to a shocking and nasty display of aggression from Kuma.  According to Cyril’s description of Kuma’s body language (in the corner of the room, head lowered, look up sideways at him snarling and growling) behaviour, it would seem that Kumar went through a phase of ‘fear aggression’. Picture it:One Tuesday evening three weeks into the adoption, Kumar was in the corner displaying the aforementioned body language. According to Cyril Kuma had never acted like this before. Kuma was that he was growling snarling and looked as if he was in fear of Cyril. Cyril was in fear himself and perplexed of the sudden turn of events. He did not understand what could have triggered Kumar into this fearful aggression. Kuma had looked submissive but was growling and snarling and occasionally lunching out as if to bite/attack Cyril.  Cyril knowing only very little of Kuma’s background, recognised that it was fear and eventually got Kuma under control by holding him down and waited for the aggression to cease in full submission…all 9 stone of him! Now, had the ‘Red Zone’ been reached by this dog? I cannot truly tell, but had it have been any other owner, with a perhaps frail physique, this incident of fear aggression may well have very much had a different outcome due to the possibility of the events and encounter being a lot differently.  Moreover, I am not stating that to deal with ‘fear aggression in a ‘pin down’ and calming the dog is correct either – far from it!  Because Cyril’s physical efforts at ‘calming’ could have made”…matters worse,”. It exemplifies my arguments I have been known to raise in discussions regarding media ‘statistics’ and dog attacks. Whereby, interpretation and determination are all subject to different manners of solution, with all different types of breeds and personalities, by many different types of people. Those cases, similar to that relayed above. Where as in this case, thankfully, Cyril’s techniques worked! A diagnosis of Fear aggression.Fear aggression; was the most likely explanation for the display to Cyril’s description of events.   It was deduced that upon or just as Cyril entered is home, Kuma was triggered into this response via a noise or sound made by Cyril.  A movement, an approach into the room or something in the way he may have smelt or had even been dressed.  Cyril somehow triggered a memory of which Kuma had some kind of negative associations.  To date, Cyril remains unaware of what actually hurled Kuma into this aggression.   More importantly, since that chilling event, Kuma and Cyril formed a stronger bond and the most trusting and loving relationship between man and dog. Kuma, possessed the most calming and loyal personality.  He was the most stable and obedient dog of which I personally had the pleasure of meeting.   Kuma was very social with other dogs (of course, with the exception of other male Akita’s).  Remarkably, Cyril recalls that even to the point when Kuma’s ankles were repeatedly during the course of the day being ‘nipped’ by three very lively Tibetan Terriers one Christmas.  Even when he trying to “…draw snores” under the Christmas tree.   PICTURE… By Christmas evening during the family dinner, Kuma had had enough!  Kuma casually opened his eyes, gradually stood up on all paws and quite calmly and firmly pinned down and rolled over into the submissive jugular position, one of the Terriers by its neck. Kuma did not bite or cause the terrier any great discomfort or damage.  Kuma simply ‘corrected’ the Terriers’ behaviour with this physical display, as if to simply remind the terrier (and indeed the terrier’s fellow pack onlookers) ‘just what an Akita can do’!  Now…after the Christmas pudding ‘rolled from the family members’ mouths through the screams of shock and the thumping hearts that leapt into them; Kuma casually released the small dog, turned and simply went to lay back down; having swiftly ended the ‘ankle-biting’ show.  This, was the extent of Kuma’s personality and composure, throughout the remainder of his life. Kuma never showed signs of fear aggression again. Sadly, Kuma died in July 2011 at the approximate age of 10yrs. I’ve got another interesting discussion in my next post, oddly enough involving Akita….. a very important tip about them. Till then…have fun with the mutleys.